Our Food

Thailand is a country of great diversity. Its geography, history, and language vary significantly from region to region. Food is no exception, yet most people outside of Thailand only know the tastes of Bangkok-style cuisine—dishes such as Phad Thai, Phad See-Ew, Swimming Rama, and Green Curry.

At Pestle Rock we serve Isan Thai food from the Isan Province in the Northeastern region of Thailand.

Isan food is known for being spicy and pungent, and many dishes are seasoned with fresh herbs, lime juice, and fish sauce (nam plaa). Specialties include spicy salads, marinated, char-broiled meats, homemade sausages, special seafood preparations, sticky rice, and much more.

Please browse our menu and gallery pictures to see a sample of our offerings. Then come by and dine with us at Pestle Rock where you’ll enjoy the flavors of Thailand’s “other” cuisine.